Participation Rules

There several policies that participant are required to consider in order to be included in the competition:

  • All final submissions should be in the form of docker containers and follow the provided template provided by the organizers to be tested successfully. 
  • It is the user's responsibility to check the sanity of  their algorithm's docker during the preliminary test period before submitting it for the final test set.
  • Only fully automated methods are acceptable for participation in this challenge as the submission is in the form of docker containers. It is not possible to submit manual annotations or interactive methods.
  • Submissions will be ranked solely based on their performance on the final test set and according to the criteria explained in the evaluation page.
  • Using pre-trained models on general purpose datasets (like ImageNet) is allowed. 
  • Use of external pathology data for model development is not permitted.
  • Writing a technical paper for final submission is compulsory, otherwise the submission will not be considered.
  • All participants must form a team. If a single participant is taking part, they can form a team with a single user.
  • The deadline for registration and team formation is 12:00 GMT (midday UK time) on 15th February 2022. Any new team after this deadline will not be considered during the challenge.
  • Teams can have multiple submissions on the preliminary test set to verify the quality of their methods. However, the number of submissions per day per team and for each task is limited to 1 in order to restrict test data hacking. If a team makes multiple submissions per day (from different users) in the preliminary test phase, they will be disqualified. For clarity, if a team is participating in both tasks, they can make 2 submissions per day - one for task 1 and another for task 2.
  • For the final test set, only 1 submission is allowed for each team.
  • Members from the organising team cannot participate in this challenge. If there is a baseline method in the leaderboard submitted by the organisers, that method will not be taken into account for the final ranking.
  • To be considered for the post challenge publication, teams must make their algorithm available (an appropriate license may be selected). 
  • To be considered for prizes, winning teams must must make their algorithm available (an appropriate license may be selected). If a top-3 submission does not make their algorithm available, the prize will be given to the next placed team.